My journal – get to know me!

Journal prompts are great for when you feel like writing, but you aren’t sure where to start. I thought I’d share mine with you, so you can get to know me a little better.

How would you describe yourself to a stranger?

The thing that immediately jumps into my head is anxiety. I enjoy sharing what I know here on my blog to help others, but I don’t want you to think that’s all I’m about, anxiety is just an additional extra in my life.

I’m a person of contrasts. I’m very shy and quiet – as people always say, ‘until you get to know me.’ The more relaxed version of me is pretty blunt, and has a dry sense of humour. I’m a what you see is what you get kind of person who has no time for mind games. In fact, anything that seems inauthentic makes me feel uncomfortable, so I enjoy spending time with people that are down to earth; if you’re quirky all the better.

I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat – no thanks to my chronic health condition, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder. But hey, I can freak people out with my weirdly stretchy skin!

I’m an introvert, shocking I know!

I love escaping into a book or getting absorbed in my hobbies. I like gardening, jewellery making, photography and I bake the odd cake. I love walking, whether that’s in the woods or just around my local area, but anxiety can make that difficult at times. I’m socially anxious so I worry about small talk with the neighbours!

I’m fascinated in people and also a bit scared of them due to my SA! I love listening to podcasts and hearing about the lives of interesting folk. I absorb what other people are feeling very easily and I have a strong sense of intuition. It might be a little ‘woo’ but sometimes I can feel emotion or a different atmosphere in certain locations. At the same time, I find it hard to connect with my own emotions. I will know I feel a certain way, but it’s like there’s a barrier preventing me from fully experiencing it. When I lost a close family member, I felt numb for a long time, I think it must be a self-preservation thing.

I keep things simple

I enjoy the simple things in life. Having relaxed times with the people I care about, good food, my hobbies, and my cats (who I adore, how could I have not mentioned them!) These things are everything to me, and even though anxiety has greatly impacted my life, I only need a few things to feel content.

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