The Power of Words

I opened my word processing program today with no plan other than the urge to write. I have so many thoughts rattling around my head, but I’ve never been very good at expressing them verbally. Everything seems to get jumbled into a weird word soup. So, I’ll use my keyboard instead.

Words have always been good to me. As a child I spent many hours in my bedroom scribbling away in my diary, or I’d have my nose in a book, imagining my favourite adventures in the Chronicles of Narnia. I adored those stories but unfortunately, I never quite made it to Narnia through the back of my wardrobe!

As I grew older, I forgot about writing as I tried to make my way through the stresses of life. Sometimes I’d feel sad that I didn’t have a ‘thing’ that I was good at and if I’m honest I was a bit lost. As I move through my thirties I seem to have cycled back round to the beginning and my love for writing. At least I feel more like myself again.

This year I took part in a creative writing course on the open learning site and was stunned by some of the feedback I got from other learners. I had compliments on my short stories, and someone even told me that I’d brought a tear to their eye. For someone that has felt invisible for a long time I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. Words had given me power.

They’ve also connected me to other people through my blog and Instagram page. I love sharing my experiences with you and also reading your thoughts in return. If you ever struggle to express yourself then I highly recommend you give writing a go. It can be anything you like – a diary, poem, story or blog post. Getting it all down and out of your head can be a wonderful thing.

I do miss being that carefree kid in my bedroom, but a part of her is still with me; itching to set out on a new adventure. Words will always be a big part of that.

“Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny.” C.S. Lewis

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