The Secrets Water Holds – Poetry

I’m often inspired by the weather. The tropical heat we’ve been having in the UK is quite unusual, so naturally we’ve all been talking about it – a lot. I hope you enjoy this poem that I wrote during one of the many storms this week.

White water is dripping at the window,

A spiral downpour knocks my door.

I take a breath of heavy heat,

As the land waits with baited awe.

Will the storm throw in the towel?

Or continue its battle with the sky?

A rumble shakes my bones,

As I exhale moisture into the unknown.

I spy a light in the sky,

With my little eye I wonder.

What secrets water holds,

As it moves in cycles and groans.

I step outside into silence,

The leaves are moist with memories.

And across the sodden ground I uncoil,

The water has left footprints in the soil.

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