Why changing your routine is a good thing

I’ve never been good at leaving my comfort zone. I enjoy routine and the feeling of comfort that brings, because that means I’m in control, right?

But then life happens and I can’t control it at all, it just plays out. Some of my worst anxiety occurs when I feel a loss of control, and if I can’t escape to a place of safety I panic. So, to counter these feelings I’ve decided to try and leave my comfort zone every now and again!

I’ve had loads of fun, interesting experiences when I’ve broken my routine. Be that interacting with new people or visiting new places – new experiences enrich your life. And it hasn’t been without anxiety, but that’s a part of recovery which is worth the effort. Anxiety may never leave completely, but that does not mean you can’t still lead a fulfilling life.

So why not make a small change and appreciate what happens next? Think of one thing you’d like to do today and give it a go!

One of my interests is photography, and usually I only take photographs when I’m at home in my garden. So the next time I go for a walk I’m going to take my camera with me, it’ll be difficult to take pictures with other people around, but I’ll do it and see what happens.

I’ll sign off with some pictures I took in my garden.

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