The Desert

I thought I was alone in this desert,

In fact, I’ve never felt so lonely.

The sky is beautiful, unbroken and blue,

But not as blue as me.

The scorpion at my feet walks by, oblivious.

I’m not alone because you are over there,

I wave at you frantically,

The sand swirls around me,

Into the shape of a strange person,

A mirage you can only half see.

Why must the words stick in my throat.

The heat, the fear,

It dashes any chance of rescue.

If I must I’ll build a temple of stone,

And then perhaps you’ll come.

I step into a riverbed that long since ran dry,

I lay the foundations stone by stone,

My hands are throbbing and crack,

Taunting me to turn back.

But I know I must carry on.

Now my foundations are good and strong,

Startled, I look on,

As someone I’ve never met approaches.

I look at them and smile,

Smiling back they say, I thought I was alone in this desert.

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