Welcome to Anxiety Answered

Thanks for taking the time to come and check out my blog.

I really want it to be a positive space where you can learn more about anxiety, and how to take steps towards living the life you deserve.

Unfortunately, I am all too familiar with anxiety and have struggled with it for over fifteen years. It first reared its ugly head when I was a teenager. I remember waiting for a bus to college and a horrible feeling washing over me, my chest felt tight and my heart was racing. It took me a while to figure out what on earth was happening to me, in part thanks to my old friend Dr Google!

Now in my 30s the feeling is still a familiar one, but I’m slowly learning to accept it for what it is. In my opinion, fighting anxiety doesn’t work. The more you struggle and try to push it away the stronger it can get. After all, you can’t make it completely disappear as everyone gets anxious sometimes!

What you CAN do is learn to cope with it better, allow it to be there and still do the things you want to do. There are so many strategies, techniques and activities you can do to help. It’s all about slowly building yourself an anxiety ‘toolkit’ of things that help you most. Everyone is unique so what helps one person might not help another.

I know how isolating anxiety can be, so I’d like you to know you’re not alone and hopefully this blog can be somewhere we all support each other. I look forward to sharing with you what I’ve learnt so far on my anxiety journey.

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