The truth about anxiety and perfectionism.

There are so many people suffering from perfectionism anxiety. And when you think about it – it makes sense. You’re trying to accomplish your goals and dreams in a world that’s often scary and unpredictable, so why wouldn’t you want to claw back some control?

The truth is it just doesn’t work like that. The desire to be perfect comes loaded with a lot of pressure. If you can only accomplish something in the ‘correct’ way, then you’re setting yourself up to fail. When in reality the imperfect things can often be the best, and most relatable! It’s easy to put other people on a pedestal, to look at their achievements and think ‘wow, they have the perfect life,’ but who knows, they could be burnt out, struggling and feel exactly the same as you.

Social media doesn’t help with this perfectionist anxiety. In a world where the people with the most polished, curated content get the most followers it’s easy to try and strive for that. But people are starting to go against the grain, particularly the mental health community on Instagram. I really enjoy seeing the raw honesty and creativity that so many people are sharing.

When you’re in a perfectionism socially anxious mindset it’s harder to be creative. If you start overthinking what you do, then you might dislike the little imperfections that make something heartfelt and beautiful. So be brave and try to go with the flow, accept that you are unique, and that’s a good thing!

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